Housewares & Etc.
in any color (specify in paypal comments)
$8 each
Dark Blue & Silver Star Cufflinks
Dark blue glass with sterling silver stars inside.  SIlver hardware.
More photos coming soon!
Spring Green and Silver Blue Zigzag Soap Dish
This is a cute, colorful soap dish perfect for your bathroom, powder room, or kitchen. It features two
textured zigzag stripes of dichroic glass and a ridged center to help keep the soap dry. It measures
5.5" X 4".
Wooden Jewelry/Keepsake Box with Hand-engraved Dichroic Tile

This is a black wooden box with a panel of hand-engraved dichroic fused glass.  The process of
making them is very labor-intensive and no tw
o are alike.  Will hold your special things in style!

The w
hole box measures approximately 5.25" square and the dichroic tile is approximately 4.25"

Turquoise Blue Bumpy Night Light

white butterfly pin on pinks
Cats Hurricane Candle Lantern
This lantern features a different fused silhouette of a black cat on each side. Great gift for cat lovers!  
lt measures approximately 10" high by 4 3/4" wide and deep.
Dogs Hurricane Candle Lantern
This lantern features a different fused silhouette of a black dog on each side. Great gift for dog
lovers!  lt measures approximately 10" high by 4 3/4" wide and deep.
Millefiori Cascade Swoop Dish with 2 Dip Bowls
This beautiful square dish is made from transparent purple glass with blue millifiori scattered
across. Two rectangular dip bowls with the same millefiori are also included. It is carefully
annealed for strength.  The plate would make a wonderful display piece, or, since it is
completely food-safe, it could be used as a serving platter as well.  Ideal for sushi!

The dish measures approximately 6.75" square and 1.25" high at the corners.
This amazing fused glass rainbow swoop bowl features 1" squares of glass in red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise blue, cobalt blue, and purple. The transparent glass is iridized on the front side
(the top of the bowl) to add sparkle and depth. In between the squares of glass are small spaces that let light through even more and provide an interesting look. What is really cool about this bowl is
that when placed in the light, it casts a colorful shadow as seen in the pictures!

This bowl would make an awesome decorative piece
! It measures approximately 10" across the middle of the bowl both ways. The sides swoop up so measurement on the sides is about 8 3/4".
Light Blue and Silver Star Cufflinks
Light blue glass with sterling silver stars inside.  SIlver hardware.
River Rock Bowl
This medium-large pretty bowl looks great as a fruit or decorative bowl, and looks especially good with
marble or granite countertops!  It uses the reaction between chemicals naturally contained in glass to
produce the unique rock-like color effects.
Maelstrom Bowl
This organic free-form bowl has differently sized holes scattered over its sides.  Features blues,
neo-lavender, white and clear glasses.  Shiny inside, smooth matte outside.  
Blue-Green Soap Dish
This soap dish is made with a mix of blue and green transparent glasses and has a series of ridges to
rest your soap on.  
Neo-lavender, Cobalt and White Soap DIsh
This soap dish is primarily made of neo-lavender glass, a color with interesting properties.  The
color's appearance depends on the nature of the light in which it is viewed.  Sunlight, incandescent,
and fluorescent lights produce different colors.  There is a textured decorative element made of cobalt
and white glasses and slight ridges on the bottom.
Blue Sky Candle Bridge
This candle holder holds 2" pillars, ball candles, votives and tea lights.
Primary Bowl
This large bowl features streaks of color in the primary colors.  Add a splash of color to your home.  Makes a lovely fruit
bowl or a decorative item.  Food safe.
Pink Granite Dichroic Pod Ring
A large, unique statement ring that is adjustable for a perfect fit.  Silver Plated.