Ordering, etc.
To order, just click on the paypal button underneath the item you would like.  If you are interested in a
variation of an existing piece, a piece similar to one that has already been sold, or a custom piece, please
send us email telling us what you would like to order and to which address we should send a Paypal
invoice.  If you are interested in a totally custom piece, give us an idea of what you are looking for.

Shipping will be by First Class mail unless you request otherwise.  The cost is 4.00 for any quantity of
jewelry. Shipping  is higher for bowls, plates, etc. and is based on weight.  I will ship those items priority
mail and use whichever is cheaper, flat rate or regular priority.  I usually ship the next day.
Happiness Guaranteed
We try our hardest to make sure that every item we make is well made and sturdy.  If anything we have
made breaks or fails under normal usage, we will repair or replace it for free.

You can help keep your glass pendants happy by not exposing them to rapid extreme changes in
temperature. Changes in temperature cause glass to expand and contract, so it is a bad idea to leave your
pendant outside for a few days in freezing weather and then put it on and get into a steaming hot bath!  
How to order